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Cinema Club Presents SECONDS with Special Guest Wiley Wiggins

Actor, writer, film-maker and golden-age paranoiac Wiley Wiggins will join us for an archival screening of the John Frankenheimer classic as well as a discussion afterward.

Cinema Club Presents SECONDS with Special Guest Wiley Wiggins


Cinema Club Presents SECONDS with Special Guest Wiley Wiggins, Sunday November 27 7pm at the Ritz.

At each installment of Cinema Club we invite a guest expert or enthusiast to introduce a classic film and join Alamo programmers and the audience in a group discussion after the film. This week we are thrilled to welcome actor, writer and all-around film lover Wiley Wiggins to the Alamo for this screening.

SECONDS (1966) is the capper of John Frankenheimer’s great trilogy of 60’s classics of Cold War alienation and paranoia. The story sounds like a Twilight Zone episode: an unsatisfied middle-aged man undergoes a shadowy “rejuvenation”, and becomes young, handsome, successful Rock Hudson. But there’s something amiss and no one can be trusted... SECONDS is the most experimental Hollywood film of the ‘60s. Clearly before its time, it was aggressively hated by many at the time, but it has gone on to become a cult favorite and a recognized classic. Cinematographer James Wong Howe may be the real hero of SECONDS. One of Hollywood’s top cameramen for over 40 years at the time this film was made, he brought mastery and distinction to the film, as well as a surprising gift for experimentation. SECONDS is a true stunner and any chance to see it on the big screen is a special occasion.

Read more from Wiley in the Austin Chronicle article about the screening.

Here's the (partially obfuscatory) trailer.


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