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SCARE FOR THE CURE at THRILLERFEST and other Halloween excitement!


So we've been going on and on and getting more and more excited about THRILLERFEST 2009 and we wanted to throw you an update! It's been a concern of some that we have to charge for the event this year, but in order to take care of all of the expenses of renting the amazing venue as our backdrop for the dance, we had to charge a fee (we also threw the Michael Jackson dance party in there so you'd get your monies worth!). HOWEVER! Partial proceeds will be donated to SCARE FOR A CURE and their efforts to support breast cancer recovery! SCARE FOR THE CURE IS an Austin-based nonprofit organization that raises money for local charities, "one SCREAM at a time." Each year they produce Austin's only extreme, full contact, interactive haunted house adventure—guaranteed to chill you to the depths of your soul!

Speaking of THRILLERFEST! We still have a couple of rehearsals left throughout this week.

Rehearsals at THE HIGHBALL
Tuesday, October 20 - 7pm
Wednesday, October 21 - 7pm
Saturday, October 24 - 11am

Rehearsals at BODYBUSINESS
Friday, October 23 - 10:30am & 5:30pm

You can get tickets to THRILLERFEST 2009 HERE!



So we've already told you about THE ZOMBIE PROM at THE HIGHBALL and that we're doing a special screening of DANCE OF THE DEAD before the film, so hopefully you're Halloween plans are set! But we ALSO wanted to tell you that MANSION OF TERROR is gonna be helping us out with decorations and make up so that we can all look super duper scary. Remember, you need to be undead to enter the prom. Interpret that as you will!

Tickets to the Zombie Prom are $10, or you can save a couple of bucks and complete your night out by starting at the Alamo South Lamar's screening of DANCE OF THE DEAD and grabbing a double feature ticket! Reservations will be available for booths and tables for an additional fee, and we'll have bottle service and set ups ready for your partying pleasure as well.

BTW - in case you haven't noticed, THE HIGHBALL has a pretty swanky new website for your viewing pleasure!

Come learn the Thriller dance, Thrill the World with us, then let's all slow dance like zombies together. It'll be real cute! I love Halloween!

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