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Santa’s coming to the Alamo, RARE EXPORTS style!

'Tis the season for Santa photo ops. He's a busy man these days. Busy shopping malls, outside of grocery stores.. I heard there was even a Santa in the Austin airport the other day. Well I have a message for these so-called Santas... you're all full of shit!

We've been extremely excited to bring RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE back to the Alamo after it's success during Fantastic Fest. To celebrate this film's release, WE HAVE CAPTURED THE REAL SANTA. Unlike those mall "Santas" - you will not want to sit on his lap (he will tear your face off), and he doesn't give a damn what you want for Christmas. Don't worry though, Santa will be secured in a cage in the Alamo S. Lamar lobby, so he will be no harm to anyone (unless you get too close).

A photographer will be on hand to capture this magical moment with our prized catch, as will a variety of "fake" weapons to pose with. Santa will only be in the lobby Friday and Saturday (Dec 10th and 11th) from 6p-10:30p, so don't miss this wonderful holiday opportunity!

RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE opens Friday, December 10th at Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar. Get your tickets here.

*The Alamo Drafthouse is not responsible for any Santa-induced psychological trauma.


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