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SAMSARA, The Long-Awaited, Visually Opulent Follow-up To BARAKA, Opens Friday

Ron Fricke's long-awaited SAMSARA will arrive this Friday.

SAMSARA, The Long-Awaited, Visually Opulent Follow-up To BARAKA, Opens Friday

"Ultimately words don’t do justice to “Samsara,” whether mine or the filmmakers’ or anyone else’s. You don’t have to buy into its Buddhist or quasi-Buddhist spiritual vision to respond to this remarkable film, which will reward repeat viewings – sober and stoned, alone and with loved ones, joyous and sad – and deliver different meanings each time. It’s a grand artistic gesture and a communal experience, of a sort that’s becoming rare or even impossible to create, and whatever its flaws may be, we’re lucky to have it." - Andrew O'Hehir, SALON

"If you see it as a trance movie, a meditation, a head trip or whatever, it may cause you to become more thankful for what we have here. It is a rather noble film." - Roger Ebert

Following on the heels of our 70mm screenings of Ron Fricke's glorious 1992 film BARAKA comes his latest film SAMSARA. As can be expected from such an exacting filmmaker, SAMSARA is huge and glorious. Fricke has again captured his images on 70mm cameras and the final, meticulously mastered onscreen product is in 4k digital resolution, twice the picture quality of standard DCPs.

Filmed over five years in no less than twenty-five countries, SAMSARA captures the vast landscapes, natural wonders and illustrious beauty of its many locations. The film’s title loosely translates to “cycle of life” and attempts to show the very meaning of that phrase by finding the parallel between the rhythm and evolution of humanity, from civilization to industrialization, with that of nature. SAMSARA is a truly unique, moving, and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

SAMSARA opens this Friday September 14 at the Alamo South Lamar for a limited run. This one must be seen on the big screen. Do not miss it.


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