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Sam Raimi’s DARKMAN comes to the Ritz and Village in 35mm!!

Come see Raimi's combination of unfiltered anger and WB cartoon on the big screen!

Sam Raimi’s DARKMAN comes to the Ritz and Village in 35mm!!

Long before he ever punched a wolf or saved his daughter from being a sex slave, Neeson was getting blown up in buildings and destroying gangsters with his bare hands. Peyton Westlake (Neeson) was just an ordinary scientist developing the latest in synthetic skin until, one day, a group of thugs break into his lab and blow him up.

Nearly burned to death and barely alive, Peyton sets up shop in an abandoned warehouse where he develops skin masks to disguise himself and help bring the people who wronged him to justice. What follows is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride of pure RAGE and redemption with Neeson's anguished face at the wheel.

Raimi was putting a real stakes price on crime-fighting long before any of these contemporary emo kid superheroes showed up to the party. This movie is a gonzo mashup of unfiltered anger and WB cartoon. Grab a ticket and prepare for pain because this movie will set your eyeballs on fire in glorious 35mm at all screenings! (Greg MacLennan)

Get your tickets for DARKMAN NOW!!!


And at our Ritz screening we will be giving away this rare movie tie-in comic donated by our very own Tommy Swenson!





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