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Sam Raimi can drag me anywhere

drag-me-to-hell-blog"For those who were worried that filmmaker Sam Raimi had become lost in the wilds of big-budget Hollywood, well, you can rest easy. To those who hold a very special fondness for Mr. Raimi's EVIL DEAD trilogy, his latest film represents a powerfully welcome return to the horror genre." -Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

We've all got our own, personal cold-sweat-inducing god-please-just-let-it-come-out-now Summer movie fevers, and I really just wanted to rub it in that mine's about to break.

Like many young, impressionable movie geeks, it was Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD trilogy that opened the door to Horror for me, that finally made me realize there's more than just gore.  And more importantly, that humor and horror are not mutually exclusive.  Well, it's been over 16 years now since ARMY OF DARKNESS came out.  More than half my life.

I'm tired of waiting.

DRAG ME TO HELL opens Thursday, May 28th at midnight!  AND it opens at the Ritz(!), which means I can toast the return of the king with an Alamo "Blood Shot"- a cursed blend of Vodka, Chambord and Strawberry with just a twist of black-hearted Hungarian witch-wrath!! And you know we're gonna have a hilarious Raimi-fied, blood drenched preshow to unclog those 16 years SIMPLE PLANs and SPIDERMAN memories from our brains.

This is a good weekend.

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