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South Lamar Update: A closer look inside

More walls, floors and a couple of stair cases for Alamo South Lamar!

South Lamar Update: A closer look inside

As you can see in the banner image, the steel structure that will shape the facade at the entrance to the Alamo South Lamar is going into place, as well as more wall in the front of the building, like the green one that stands out as seen from the inside of the building (in the image below). Select here for a wider angle view of the entrance. 

Inside, things are coming along rather quickly. Fire insulation has been sprayed on interior steel beams and two staircases have been installed to lead up to the karaoke rooms. The photos above and below this paragraph show you views of the lobby/Highball area from different sides of the space. The staircase in the forground of the photo above will be the service entrance while the one in the background will be for the public to access the karaoke rooms. 

The photo below shows the upstairs area that will hold contain rooms.

Here’s a view of the lobby/Highball space from atop the stairwell.

Sprinkler systems are starting to go in above the Highball/patio area. Also, a wall is ready to go up on the south side of this space.

This is one of the small theaters. This is the first one that you would pass walking down the hall from the lobby. The second one of these theaters is the same.

It also looks like electrical work has started. Here a worker is installing some junction boxes in the new larger theater. Unfortunately, the official numbering of the theaters has not been decided so for now I have to keep calling them the new “small” and “large” theaters.

As for progress around the rest of the complex, the first image below shows building 3 as it looks on the side that faces Treadwell. The second photo below is of the back of the building. Notice all the parking floors (there are more below where you can't see).

And finally a look to the east of the Alamo South Lamar, at buildings 1 and 2. A lot of work has been completed here, but as you can see, building 1 has yet to even get a ground floor.

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