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RRIICCEE - Vincent Gallo’s new music project comes to the Ritz!

Vincent Gallo may very well be the most polarizing figure in American…art? Film? Music? The award-winning director/actor/writer/composer/producer has spread a thin layer of his icing over all of it. He has been hailed as a visionary by many, but reviled as vainglorious by some. My guess is he’s not really concerned which side you’re on- love or hate, it’s all about the art.

His new music project, started with Eric Erlandson of Hole, is called RRIICCEE. They have been described (by Gallo) as ‘a gesture of composing and performing at the same time.’

‘To make recordings,’ Gallo waxes on, ‘to cut them up, dub on them, fine tune and mix them, and then go on tour, pantomiming those recordings over and over each night as a form of cabaret…we've chosen to remain open, to grow and change more naturally, and when we play live, the music is often created during the performance.’

This December, RRIICCEE kicks off their first ever tour, and the Alamo Ritz is their second stop. Whatever happens during that December 3rd show is guaranteed to never happen again.

Check it out here.

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