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ROCK OPERA 10 Year Reunion + Voltage & Pocket FishRmen at The Highball this Saturday!


It's been 10 years.  It's time to rock again.  Voltage and Pocket FishRmen take the stage at The Highball this Saturday!

Austin-based filmmaker Bob Ray is bringing the old crew back together for a night of punk rock debauchery to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his cult-legendary Austin stoner-caper flick ROCK OPERA! The tale of Austin musician Toe's struggle to put together a tour for his struggling band PigPoke. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back and double-crossing half a dozen of the meanest sons of bitches in Texas, Toe weasels himself into a position to get his band on the road. Half stoner comedy, half suspense thriller and 100% dope ass flick.

Including performances by Nashville Pussy, Fuckemos, Witchbanger, and PigPoke as well as the music of Butthole Surfers, Ed Hall, El Flaco, Pong, Cherubs, Honky, The Crack Pipes, Titz, Pocket FishRmen, Phantom Creeps, Antebellum, Squat Thrust, El Insecto, Tallboy, and Voltage.

After party at The Highball! Featuring Austin legends Voltage and Pocket FishRmen live. Admission to screening includes entry to the after-party, or $5 at the door for after-party only!

Tickets to screening and after-party here

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