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Robosaurus Videos!

Wow. I sent Stephanie Cook, our videography intern, out to cover the Robosaurus event for the Transformers premiere on July 2. I thought it would be a good idea to make sure we had a video record of the event, to have something to remember all the special times we shared with that car-crushing dinobot, to be able to show it at family get togethers and say, "Hey, we were there. Remember that, kids?"

It turns out just about everyone else in Austin had the same idea as me and Stephanie. Dang! Have you done a YouTube search for Robosaurus lately? It's insane! But to save you the hassle of watching 18 hours of the same cars getting crushed over and over again, I'm putting up a bunch of our favorites right here inside this blog entry...

First up, the new Don't Talk During the Movie spot that Thomas Humphries cut together for us:

Then we've got one from PoshDeluxe that's short and sweet and has a great shot of a flaming car being dropped:

Then finally there's Stephanie's cut, which is chock full of more Transformers lyrics than most people will remember:

Oh, you're not finished yet? Check out this grandpappy of all the entries, a full 8 minutes and 47 seconds of straight performance with no editing at all, from Monoloco23:

Of course, if you've seen anything we missed that's got more pure Robosaurus gold, drop a link or something to it in the comments! I want more, more, more!

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