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The legendary magician and actor will be live in person for a Q&A following a screening of his new documentary DECEPTIVE PRACTICE on 10/16!


Presented as part of the series SMOKE AND MIRRORS: MAGICIANS IN FILM

Maybe you know him best as the brilliant card shark from David Mamet's HOUSE OF GAMES. Or maybe you only know his voice as the sardonic narrator of Paul Thomas Anderson's MAGNOLIA. But Ricky Jay is one of the most mind-blowingly great magicians of the 20th and he will be appearing live at the Alamo Ritz on Wednesday, October 16th to present a new documentary about his life and his mentors in magic. Both a personal history and an incredible, rare opportunity to see performances by some of the most talented magicians of all time, DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: THE MYSTERIES AND MENTORS OF RICKY JAY is a perfect showcase of the prodigous talents of this brilliant performer. 

"A riveting look at Mr. Jay’s arduous, arcane pursuits through the prism of those who taught and inspired him to be one of the world’s great magicians. Some of his illusions are so stunning that they leave spectators teary-eyed – out of amazement, or perhaps fear."
– Robert P. Walzer, Wall Street Journal

And that isn't your only chance to see Ricky Jay on the big screen. He also makes an amazing cameo in THE PRESTIGE which we'll be screening at the Ritz this Wednesday the 9th. 

The Smoke and Mirrors series continues on Sunday the 13th with a special clipshow of the best deceptions perpetrated by the inconceivably talented and devious master of mental manipulation, Derren Brown. See him predict the lottery, memorize a library, and brainwash a group of middle-managers into robbing an armored car at gunpoint in DERREN BROWN: TRICKS OF THE MIND.

On Sunday the 20th we will host a very special screening of rare 16mm prints featuring the earliest magicians of the silver screen. SILENT MAGIC: TRICK FILMS AND ANCIENT SPECIAL EFFECTS will feature the awe-inspiring films of Georges Melies and his contemporaries, including the legendary TRIP TO THE MOON and other pioneering works on-screen wizardry. 

And finally we conclude, as most good things do, with Vincent Price. THE MAD MAGICIAN will be screened in newly remastered 3D at Slaughter on 10/25. Don't miss the hammy master of macabre as he uses 3D spookhouse gimmicks to get bloody revenge. 


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