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Richard Linklater Joins the Cinema Club for SOME CAME RUNNING This Sunday!

Richard Linklater presents Vincente Minnelli's masterpiece of small town malaise.

Richard Linklater Joins the Cinema Club for SOME CAME RUNNING This Sunday!

Richard Linklater is one of our favorite filmmakers, and a true marvel in Austin history. Aside from founding the Austin Film Society, he's made Austin legendary in films like DAZED AND CONFUSED, SLACKER, AND WAKING LIFE. When Linklater came to us about doing a stint hosting the Cinema Club, he suggested SOME CAME RUNNING and said it was his favorite movie. 'Nuff said.

SOME CAME RUNNING stars Frank Sinatra in a type-defying performance as a sensitive author and war veteran who returns to his hometown in Indiana and shakes things up. Sinatra here is on the peak of his rise as a legitimate actor; he won an Academy Award for FROM HERE TO ETERNITY in ’53, and had just shocked the country as a heroin addict in Otto Preminger’s controversial 1955 film THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM. Here he embodies the pathos of a tortured writer torn between clean-living serenity and hard-drinking, floozy-dating desolation.

He’s supported by Dean Martin (their first film together), as a professional gambler, and this is one of Martin’s most graceful and hilarious roles. Grabbing at Sinatra’s coattails is a streetwise tart played by Shirley MacLaine. MacLaine’s turn as the pathetic, swooning hussy is a heartbreaking performance that earned her an Academy Award nomination, alongside supporting actors Martha Hyer and Arthur Kennedy in memorable and dynamic roles.

In beautiful expansive Cinemascope and with the expressive touches of director Vincente Minnelli (who cut his teeth in the musical genre with films like AN AMERICAN IN PARIS and GIGI), SOME CAME RUNNING is a miracle of moviemaking that is not to be missed.

We couldn't ask for a more perfect host in Richard Linklater. Not only is this his favorite film, but he's a genuine cinephile with an enthusiasm for the movies that's terribly contagious. Come see Linklater introduce SOME CAME RUNNING, followed by a post-film discussion with Alamo programmers and the audience.

Cinema Club: SOME CAME RUNNING w/Richard Linklater this Sunday, January 16, at 7pm @Ritz.


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