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RESERVOIR DOGS with Michael “Mr Blonde” Madsen Live!

Our new '90s series Bangarang! presents Quentin Tarantino's mucho macho, double-crossin' crime masterpiece with utter badass Michael "Mr. Blonde" Madsen live and person! 

RESERVOIR DOGS with Michael “Mr Blonde” Madsen Live!

That's right! You're about to get stuck in the middle with MICHAEL MADSEN at this ONE NIGHT ONLY screening of the Quentin Tarantino classic, RESERVOIR DOGS. Diamond heists, double crosses and undercover cops are the name of the game in this fast-talking, macho crime caper.

Put on a super snazzy all-black suit, stop referring to yourself by your real name and prepare to super-slo-mo-cool-as-hell walk yourself with at least four of your friends to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz because we're setting you up with the one guy you can trust, the guy who's too homicidal to be working for the cops, Mr. Blonde himself. We got him for one night only, and we don't want to hear your excuses if you miss this event, the words "too f**kin' busy" should not be in your vocabulary. (Greg MacLennan)

RESERVOIR DOGS with Michael Madsen - Tues, May 8 at Ritz  BUY TICKETS


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