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Reserved Seating Coming to South Lamar

Starting Monday, February 6th, a reserved seating section will be available at all shows at Alamo S. Lamar!

Reserved Seating Coming to South Lamar

EDIT: While it's true that reserved seating has gone over quite well at the Ritz, we've decided (a little last minute!) to actually try something a little different at S. Lamar after all. We're going to look more into a boarding pass system. This is something we've been talking about for a while, and something that our customers have brought up in the past. Details and a "launch date" will be coming soon! Please keep the conversation going here and on Twitter or Facebook. We really value your input!

Dear Lamar's huddled masses,

We have great news!

After a successful run with Reserved Seating at the Ritz, we will be adding a reserved seating section for every show at South Lamar beginning Monday, February 6th.

How it works:

Option 1: Purchase the typical 'General Admission' ticket. This is the original ticket option; first-come, first-serve seating. The only change here will be the 15 marked seats in each theater that are designated for 'Reserved Admission' ticket-holders only. (see seating chart below)

Option 2: Purchase the new 'Reserved Admission' ticket. This option will allow you to choose your actual seats in prime movie viewing real estate! Now relax-- your seats are saved. Stroll down to theater. redeem your tickets and worry not about the length of the line. Your ticket will read in big, beautiful text, "RESERVED" and "SEAT NUMBER". Go in right when the theater opens, with the line, or after the theater is full. Whenever you arrive, those seats will be open!

The consistent feedback from loyal guests helped catalyze this change, and we want to keep the conversation going.

Please send me any thoughtful feedback or questions about Reserved Admission to our Lamar GM Jordan Michael ([email protected]) or leave a comment below and we'll address any questions and concerns.


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