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Reserved Seating Comes to Littleton

Reserve your seats on-line or through one of our apps.

Reserved Seating Comes to Littleton

We are excited to offer reserved seating at our new theater in Littleton!  Through tests, trials and customer feedback at our other theaters in Austin, we have created a ticketing and seating system in which every seat in the house is reserved with no additional fee. Whether you buy your tickets online, through an iPhone or Android app or in-person, you choose exactly the seat you want.  Additionally, we have added the ability to hold adjacent seats when you make a purchase with our Facebook ticketing app. That way you can invite your friends and easily plan a trip to the movies together without the hassle of trying to find seats together.

Our number one goal is to have you leave the Alamo excited to return. By eliminating long lines at the ticket counter and the mad rush to find an open seat in the theater, our reserve seating system creates a more hassle-free experience. Naturally, you will want to arrive early to see our custom pre-show and order dinner and drinks before the lights go down.

To purchase tickets through our reserved seating system on our website, you will simply select your date and movie showtime, then select the seats you want through the seating chart that pops onto your screen. You will then easily be able to select the seat of your choice. You may notice that we left plenty of space between the front row and the screen to make sure all ticket holders have an enjoyable experience.

In addition to purchasing your tickets through our website, you are also able to purchase tickets through either iPhone or Android Mobile apps as well as through our Facebook app.

With our iPhone and Android apps you can browse showtimes, movie descriptions and purchase tickets directly from your device 7 days prior to the show date. Your reserved tickets will be waiting at the box office when you arrive. Bring the ticket confirmation number or the card you used to make the purchase.


Our Facebook app is free and allows you to buy tickets just as you would at You can also reserve seats for your friends (up to 8 tickets at a time for up to 8 hours) and invite them to purchase their own tickets. You buy your tickets, they buy theirs, and everyone sits together. This mass-reservation option expires 8 hours before showtime so plan ahead. Additionally, you can create event pages and whip up a flash mob to see your favorite movie. You can do all this with the one handy little app.

Download here:


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