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Report From Fantastic Fest Day Five

The Fantastic Awards and Fantastic Feud!

Report From Fantastic Fest Day Five

We're firmly ensconced in the latter half of the festival, and while that could be construed as a calmer, quieter approach to Fantastic Fest, I prefer to view it as the point at which only the truly hardcore FFers remain. This is the champions lap, the waning days left only to those wholly passionate about Fantastic Fest - and to you, we say thanks. 

Last night we had the Fantastic Fest Awards Ceremony, a glamorous evening full of cinematic recognition and also a lot of beer chugging - plus maybe a little champagne sabering. Also it was GRAND PIANO director and FF alum Eugenio Mira's birthday! You can read more about the Awards, including this year's incredible recipients, here! (photos by David Hill)

And following that we held our annual Fantastic Feud, the drunker, less respectable version of Family Feud hosted by FEARnet's Scott Weinberg. Of everything that is chaotic about Fantastic Fest, few events are quite as messy and hilarious and intensely crazy as the Feud. It was a close bout (by which I mean it was so anarchic it was nearly impossible to tell who was winning at any given moment), but in the end the team of American film nerds won out over the International Team. USA! USA! (photos by Jack Plunkett)

That's it for Day Five. Meet us back here tomorrow for another report from the frontlines, and thanks for hanging in there!


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