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Remember the Alamo, 1997 style…

I just took a little walk down memory lane and found some real embarrasing images, the web equivalent to the parachute pants and mini-mullet I sported in 1984. A friend told me about the time-capsule of the Wayback Machine, an archive that sucks down websites each month and stores them for posterity, like snapshots in time. You can trace the evolution of a website over the years and see how it changes with the times. I took a trip back to March of 1997 on the original Alamo Website, 2 months before we opened and the pixels on my screen leapt out and jabbed my eyeballs like white-hot pokers. Font abuse! A freaking popcorn background! Bad clip art! A crazy Alamo logo I don't even remember! It's hard to read, has bad link colors but at least it's optimized for Mosaic browsers. Check out your own websites from 10 years ago, but be forewarned, history is sometimes very ugly.

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