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Remember the Alamo? - A South Lamar Update

I ventured inside a few of the original theaters and found where elements of the old South Lamar lobby are hiding out.

Remember the Alamo? - A South Lamar Update

On my recent visit to the South Lamar building I noticed that there were a few guys inside the original building doing some work. While they weren’t doing anything of note, I took the opportunity to check a out a couple of the old theaters. I will get to that soon, but let’s start at the front of the building.

Here is a shot of the lobby doors/Highball patio area. The apartments above the highball are much further along than they were the last time I was here

Here is a shot of the lobby/Highball from the stairs to the karaoke rooms. A lot of air conditioning duct work and fire sprinkler lines have been put in.

Upstairs in the Karaoke rooms, the AC units have been put in all the rooms and they have begun to hang sheet rock up here.

Another look at the lobby/Highball and you can see that plumbing for the bar is coming along nicely.

In the hallway to the theaters, all the sheetrock is up.

Here is the entrance to theater 2. It looks like most of the construction on the walls is pretty much complete. Theater 1,which is the mirror image of theater 2, is in pretty much the same stage of progress. 

Inside theater 2, here is a view of the back wall with the port window in the middle.

The entrances to theater 2 from inside the theater.

Here is theater 3. This is the first space in the new building to have work begin on the drop ceiling.

The hallway inside the original building. There is a lot of debris in this hallway, notice the old rectifiers and projector lamp house sitting on the left. It looked like workers were in here cleaning up a bit.

Inside the old theater 6 (now theater 9). This is what a theater looks like when it has been sitting unused for over 9 months.

Inside the old theater 5 (now theater 8) I found these items waiting to return to use.

Original plans call for the re-use of these items in the new lobby.

Going back to the new lobby, here is a view from the hallway.

This is the Highball patio area. It is used mostly for staging and storage at this point.

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