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On 02/24, the American Genre Film Archive’s ‘Reel One’ Party Film Inspection Series Returns to Ritz!

The American Genre Film Archive's Reel One Party returns to The Ritz on Sunday, February, 24th!

On 02/24, the American Genre Film Archive’s ‘Reel One’ Party Film Inspection Series Returns to Ritz!

At long last, on Sunday, February 24th at 2:00 PM, the American Genre Film Archive's (AGFA) Reel One Party film inspection series returns to The Ritz! This is the series wherein we discovered that our supposed print of LAURA, a 1979 David Hamilton film, actually turned out to be 1968's LUANA, THE GIRL TARZAN

Such are the surprises and delights in store at every Reel One Party engagement!  if you've never attended, here's what it is all about: many of the 35mm film prints contained in AGFA are not fully documented, so periodic inspections are conducted at which time we prepare and thread up several "reel ones." That is to say we project the first 15-20 minutes of what are otherwise unknown or forgotten films, primarily for the purpose of taking note of opening credit information, overall condition of the film, and general plot information -- but also because it's proven to be a riotous good time. The Drafthouse film programmers together work to select 5 mystery titles, for which we all know very little or no background information. We do our best to introduce each and make our best guess about what we're about to watch -- sometimes we are dead-on and other times what shows up isn't anywhere close to our expectations. 

In short, the Reel One Party is a fun and productive way to explore and learn more about the AGFA collection. For anyone interested in film archiving or totally obscure movies, this is your show! Tickets are only $5 for the Reel One Party and all the proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit AGFA's mission to raise awareness of the importance of genre cinema through collection, conservation, and distribution.

Plus, this time around we are adding an additional mechanic to the Reel One Party format. After we run each reel of our 5 mystery selections, the audience will vote on their favorite. The winning title will be screened later that evening, 11:00 PM, at the Ritz. Tickets for this as-of-yet unknown, but undoubtedly fantastic, feature film will only be a mere $3, which will similarly benefit the archive by way of a donation. 

Approach the Reel One Party with a sense of humor, a zeal for adventure, and help us rediscover an afternoon's worth of lost chapters of our movie history, while finding out a bit more about what AGFA does and what you can do to help the cause. Tickets are available now for the AGFA Reel One Party on Sunday, February 24th: get your tickets here! Tickets for the audience favorite will be on sale soon! (Sam Prime)


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