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Rediscover the original FRIDAY THE 13TH this Friday in Lubbock!

It's time to scream!

Rediscover the original FRIDAY THE 13TH this Friday in Lubbock!

Sean S. Cunningham was looking for his next big hit. A few years earlier, he had found success with the shockingly violent 16mm rape revenge film THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. A collaboration with friend Wes Craven (the two had earlier worked together on an X-rated adult film), the film made headlines for being banned in several countries - but it also proved to be a massive success for the young filmmaker.

Cunningham had gotten a taste for success and so he decided to follow-up the success of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT with another horror film. He did not have a cast or a script or even a concept for what the film would be but he did have a title - FRIDAY THE 13TH. He took out an ad in Variety magazine and never looked back.

Cunningham took inspiration for his next film from what was popular in cinemas at the time. He copied the shock scares and serial killer angle from HALLOWEEN. From CARRIE he stole the concept of one final scare - a so called "chair jumper" that would leave audiences on a high-note. Even the memorable score, composed by Harry Manfredini was inspired by JAWS - in which the music was used to represent the otherwise unseen assailant.

Originally intended to be the beginning of an anthology series - which each new installment offering up a new kind of scare - FRIDAY THE 13TH proved to be a runaway success and sparked the origin of one of the longest-running movie serials in cinema history.

Before Jason Voorhees, before the hockey mask and before boat trips to Manhattan, there was the original film - FRIDAY THE 13TH. Come rediscover why audiences found this film such a scream in 1980. Lean into the film's rough charm, the simplicity of the plot. Marvel at the joyfully campy performance by Betsy Palmer or an early role by Kevin Bacon. Take in the magic-like effects of special effects guru Tom Savini.

Don't miss a brand new digital restoration of FRIDAY THE 13TH this Friday, June 13. It's time to scream!

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