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Rebecca’s Bringin’ Ya HEATHERS!

Ole Rebecca's Bringin' Ya HEATHERS this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ritz!

Rebecca’s Bringin’ Ya HEATHERS!

Celluloid Handbag: HEATHERS
Tuesday, November 29th and Wednesday, November 30th

Praise tha' lord in a leopard print handbag!

Like a silent she dog, also known as a BITCH....sneaks into ya' backyard at night ta' steal ya chickens...
So does this most vile and glorious piece of sick teen cinema sneak into ya' hearts via tha' ALAMO RITZ and CELLULOID HANDBAG!

It's HEATHERS, with ya hostess of the mostest....REBECCA HAVEMEYER!
Put on that red scrunchy and grab ya wooden balls cuz these two nights are gonna burn ya harder than Nancy Grace's ass on that television dancefloor!

Ya' got two chances ta' make a seat your own for this double don't come sendin sad telegrams when it's all said and done, peoples.
I wanna see both a' these houses filled fuller than Martha Dumptruck's denim jeans!!!

Here's tha' link to get ya tickets... and here's my love XOXOXO

(choose Tuesday or Wednesday or BOTH ya bunch a' hoo haa's!)

I'll see ya' all in High School Hell!

Yours in Entertainment,
Rebecca Havemeyer


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