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Rare, One-Time Only 35mm Screening of TIMECOP Wednesday 6/13 at the Ritz!

Accompanied by a preshow of the Ben Stiller directed, unaired pilot HEAT VISION AND JACK starring Jack Black.

Rare, One-Time Only 35mm Screening of TIMECOP Wednesday 6/13 at the Ritz!

For a long time I would sit down in programming meetings, and when it came to my turn to pitch an idea. I would say two things: TIME and COP. I was routinely met with silence and slackened jaws. Certainly someone could appreciate the genius that was one Jean-Claude Van Damme going back in time to save the younger Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife, right? But no, and for months I would wear that Timecop suggestion like a scarlet letter around the office. That is...until one fateful day when I begged a co-worker to start a slow clap at the meeting after I suggested it this time. NOW the whole programming team was looking at BOTH of us, and they thought "Gosh darn it, there might be something to this Timecop thing after all." Then others heard my Timecop cries, and I even had a friend in Houston offer me a 35mm print. And so the legend of the Timecop screening was started. This is a ONE-TIME only 35mm screening and then it's over. Don't read about its greatness and lament that you missed it—buy a ticket and become part of history.

Things I guarantee you will see if you come: Time Travel, Cop, Punch in the Face, Punch in the Chest, Nipples, Virtual Sex, Timebomb, Knife Fight, Gun Fight, and Man's Arm Frozen and then Shattered...OFF!

In the future, as science has progressed humans have perfected the ability to travel through time. With all new advancement comes government regulation, the Time Enforcement Commission is formed, or TIME COPS as you may know them. And the best TIMECOP there is? The beautifully mulletted, round-house-you-if-he-feels-like-it Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), who, on the same day he joined the force, had his home broken into and his wife murdered. Now 10 years later, Max has uncovered a corrupt political plot and must travel back in time to stop it, but can he save his dead wife in the process?

Seriously, if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing TIMECOP you have provided yourself quite the disservice. This movie has it all: convincing enough time travel, nonstop signature Van Dammage moves, and enough Ron Silver for you to shake a stick at.

Now we're not ONLY showing TIMECOP at this special one night affair; we're also treating you to something a little bit special: a full preshow of nothing but HEAT VISION AND JACK. What is this you ask? Only the un-aired Ben Stiller-directed pilot starring Jack Black as the smartest man on the planet (only when the sun is out) on the run aboard his trusty motorcycle Heat Vision (his roommate Owen Wilson fused with a Harley) from NASA, whose top agent is none other than Hollywood actor RON SILVER. Buy your tickets now because this is a ONE NIGHT ONLY show, and you can't go back in time and fix this if you miss it. BANGARANG! (Greg MacLennan)

Purchase your ticket to this one-time only event HERE.


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