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Rambo is coming and we’re burning babies to celebrate!

Last night at the Alamo Village there was a special sneak screening of RAMBO, in which Sly Stallone resuscitates the character, now living in Thailand as a venomous snake collector, until some missionaries get kidnapped by impossibly villainous thugs. Then it's time to kill a lot of people. And nobody does it better.

As violent as the previous three Rambo movies were, this one takes the violence-cake. In fact, it kinda sets a new high water mark in chunky explosions, juicy bullet impacts and burning flesh. It's pretty amazing. It's definitely conceived as a thrill ride, not a message picture, but that's fine. I get enough messages on my phone. I want to watch bad guys explode like blood-filled meat pinatas. I'll go read a book if I want to think about how violence is bad for the soul.

So definitely go see the movie, opening this weekend at Village. And in the meantime, enjoy this video of irresponsible people using an irresponsible flame-spewing weapon at some irresponsible theater somewhere after a special sneak screening of RAMBO:

Check out another attendee video of the great Burmese baby massacre of 2008

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