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Radical! Our First Totally 80’s Sing-Alongs!

Totally '80s Sing-Along will be totally rad all this April so, like, be ready to party.

Radical! Our First Totally 80’s Sing-Alongs!

Remember the ‘80s? We all do! Even those born in the ‘90s are possessed with nostalgia for that Day-Glo era, where synthetic music was in the air, legwarmers were considered serious fashion, and hair could never be too big.

We know you’re dying to break out the aviators and shoulder pads, and revisit that time. We feel your need to cut loose to some classic ‘80s music.  And we know there was a real lack of Duran Duran for our signature series week. The Alamo Drafthouse Littleton needed a Totally ‘80s Sing-Along to start our theater off right, and we'll be having no less than three nights of awesome, on on April 6 and April 13 at 10:00pm.

The Totally 80’s Sing-Along is an ever changing and completely unpredictable event.  The Drafthouse mixes up a new collection of ‘80s videos for every event, so you’ll never experience the same party twice.  All the videos are subtitled, so you’ll be able to sing and dance along even if you were born in 1993. There will be singing contests, prop bags full of balloons, streamers and glow sticks, inflatable air guitars and much, much more.   Every Totally ‘80s Sing-Along is the most radical party we can throw, and you won't want to miss a single one.

Of course, it’s not a party without killer food and booze. Before you hit our dance floor, you can order a drink at our ticket counter, and take it right into the theater with you.   Our full food and drink menu will also be available inside, so if you need to take a break from belting tunes, and refresh yourself with dinner and a drink, just write down your order on the paper stacked at your table.  Our tubular servers will duck by to grab it, no matter how intense the party gets, and will have your food and drink out to you before you can say Dexys Midnight Runners.

If you want to wind down at an afterparty, you can visit the awesome bar we tucked into our lobby, Glass Half Full.  All our Drafthouse food and drink is on tap there, and our bartenders can mix up just about any libation you can dream of.  You never need a movie ticket to visit Glass Half Full, so if you and your friends need a place to reminisce about the last Totally ‘80s Sing-Along you attended, Glass Half Full is the place to be.

Tickets for the Totally ‘80s Sing-Along are available now.  Be there, or be square.


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