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R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke…but 2001 is FOREVER!!!

Before his recent passing on March 19 at the age of 90, we were already scheduled to celebrate science fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke with screenings of his and Stanley Kubrick's magnum space opera 2001, as part of our Big Screen Sci-Fi Classics series in April at the Alamo Ritz.

Clarke was an eerily accurate seer of the future and a relentlessly creative scientific mind who started off in a very real-world career of aeronautics and propulsion technology that later catapulted him into endless worlds of new concepts and brilliant, innovative fiction. Over the years, he became a contemporary/rival of fellow universal thinker Isaac Asimov, instituted several "Laws of Science and Magic", had a gravity belt named after him and much more. But it's fair to say that most people know him as the powerful mind behind 2001, and we're proud to pay tribute to him at the upcoming April 12 - 14 2001 screenings.

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