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Friday and Saturday, May 1 & 2, Midnights at the Ritz
Advance tix available here

Sunday, May 3, 7pm at the Ritz
Final Zoolander show! Advance tix available here

Monday, May 4, 7pm at the Ritz
with a special FEAST-ALONG on Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, 7pm at the Ritz
Advance tix available here

THURSDAY, MAY 7, 7pm at the Ritz
Advance tix available here

During most of our screenings at the Alamo, we are pretty vigilant about making sure you shut the f*ck up during the movie. But with the Quote-Along parties we've been putting on for the past two years now, we're just as adamant about making sure you open the f*ck down during the show.

Okay, so that's not technically the opposite for shutting up, but whatever the phrasing you'd rather use, the idea of a Quote-Along is that you take the movie off the screen, into your heart, and then toss it back out into the air around you with your vocal chords. Simultaneously, everyone else in the theater will be yelling out the same amazing lines of dialogue with you, and before you know it your soul will enter the gates of Nerdvana and you'll be transported to a new spiritual level of geekdom.

We subtitle our favorite lines and provide props to help you get there, but ultimately it's the magic of a theater full of fans that turns the ordinary experience of watching one of your favorite movies for the 10,000th time into a thing of absolute beauty.

In fact, we're such strong fans of the Quote-Along parties that we decided to load this week up to overflowing so fans of all sorts of different movies could come out and see what all the fuss is about for themselves.

First up, we've got EVIL DEAD 2. Bruce Campbell solidified his reign as king of the B-movie gods with his role as Ash in this film, and I've never looked at the word "groovy" the same way again. With Sam Raimi's return to horror coming at the end of this month with the hotly anticipated DRAG ME TO HELL, we couldn't pass up the chance to bring EVIL DEAD 2 back to the Quote-Along world.

We'll be starting with a My Hand Went Bad contest, and during the movie we'll have eyeballs flying around the theater and blood gushing up from your seat.

Then on Sunday evening, we're bringing back one more showing of April's ridiculously good looking ZOOLANDER QUOTE-ALONG. That one will start with a Walk Off competition, and throughout the movie we'll have all sorts of fun with Blue Steel. Plus - Orange Mocha Frappucinos!!!!

Monday night we're starting two nights of THREE AMIGOS, because oh my god Steve Martin makes me happy. Our head chef at the Ritz, Trish Eichelberger, pitched the idea for this show last year because she wanted a chance to put together a fun mini-feast for Cinco de Mayo, and last year she way out did herself. Judging from this year's menu, she's set to outdo it all again.

Regardless of whether you're interested in learning what a plethora is or not, this one is worth the price of admission for the avocado margaritas alone. The feast is only available on Tuesday, but for everyone who wants to enjoy the movie and can't handle the full four course fun, we've got a movie-only screening on Monday just for you.

Thursdays at 7pm is our usual weekly slot for Quote-Alongs at the Ritz, and on May 7 we're starting our May series of Quote-Alongs with the debut night of AIRPLANE! We always try to go all out with props and special effects that will help bring the action from the screen out into the theater, but we *promise* that we'll fight our urges to actually throw shit at a fan during the movie. We'll also be serving up special "Don't call me Shirley" Temples just for those shows.

You can catch our full line up of upcoming Quote-Alongs on the constantly updated Quote-Along Signature Event page on our website. And if you're on Facebook, you can stay updated by becoming a fan of our Facebook Page: Alamo Quote-Alongs.

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