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Put On Your Happy Face For Broadway Brunch: Bye Bye Birdie

You'll look so good that you'll be glad, you decided to smile, and come to Broadway Brunch on April 14

Put On Your Happy Face For Broadway Brunch: Bye Bye Birdie

Remember the days when mornings and movies were special moments to be savored? They both had the time to be long and luxurious things.   Breakfasts had pancakes and multiple cups of coffee.   Movies had intermissions and musical numbers.  Today, breakfast is a disposable “vente” cup, and it keeps us going for that 90 minute movie that we forget before the caffeine wears off.    If you’d like to break that sad trend, at least for one glorious morning, then join us on SundayApril 14 at 11:00am for our inaugural Broadway Brunch, featuring BYE BYE BIRDIE.

BYE BYE BIRDIE is a glorious and goofy piece of 1960s musical kitsch. Starring Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh, and Ann-Margaret, it’s a gentle parody of Elvis Presley, his effect on “these kids today,” and the cheesy tactics of the music industry.   Teen pop sensation Conrad Birdie (Jessie Pearson) has been drafted into the Army, devastating his fans.   Struggling songwriter – and secret biochemist – Albert Peterson (Van Dyke) sees Birdie’s exit as a way to finally sell a song, and gain the success to marry his girlfriend, Rosie (Leigh).  If Birdie will just sing Albert’s song on The Ed Sullivan Show, and kiss a random teenage girl farewell, then fortunes will be made for everyone.   Thus, showbiz and Sullivan (playing himself) come crashing into the small town of Sweet Apple, and the life of Kim McAffee (Ann-Margaret).  But teen idols and teen passions are a volatile thing, and hearts are broken, parents are angered, punches are thrown, and songs are sung before it all comes to a happy ending.

Though it’s never really gone out of fashion, BYE BYE BIRDIE has recently enjoyed a pop culture renaissance thanks to being featured prominently in MAD MEN (poor, poor Sal and Kitty Romano) and FAMILY GUY.  And in these days of Bieber fever, the hysterical girls of BIRDIE seem more modern and relevant than ever. That's right, girls -- Grandma was crushing on pretty pop idols long before Bieber and Timberlake were even thought of.

Our delicious weekend brunch menu will be available to order for Broadway Brunch, which means you can pair the sweetness of BIRDIE with Crème Brulee French Toast and mimosas. If Conrad leaves you hankering for heartier fare, then our frittatas or Fried Egg BLT may do the trick, especially paired with a full French Press.    Of course, our full menu will also be available if you find yourself more in the mood for a wrap or burger instead.   Whatever you need, our swell staff of ninja servers can provide.    Just pop an order card into the metal tray on your table, and they’ve got the word, hummingbird. (Please note, the brunch menu is not included in your ticket price. It must be purchased separately.) 

Remember, you can also order drinks straight from our box office to take to your seat, so you can quench that morning thirst without writing a thing.   Our lobby tavern, Glass Half Full, is also open morning, noon, and night.  Our full food and drink menu is available within, and you never need a ticket to visit. Cozy and comfy, Glass Half Full is the perfect place to sit, sip, and reminisce about telephone hour, and the Conrad Birdie (or New Kid on the Block, or N’Sync member…) who kept your heart fluttering.

Tickets for BROADWAY BRUNCH: BYE BYE BIRDIE are on sale now.  It’s awfully hard to beg … so get yours now.



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