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Programmers Zack and Lars love THUNDER SOUL -  a LOT! See it at Lamar starting this Friday!

We love, love, love that THUNDER SOUL. You will too.

Programmers Zack and Lars love THUNDER SOUL -  a LOT! See it at Lamar starting this Friday!

Just added: members of the Kashmere Reunion Stage Band will be appearing at the screening to introduce the film and answer your questions after the Friday 9/30 7pm screening! Don't miss this!

"A genuinely moving and powerful doc about one of the great funk bands ever, that just happened to be a high school band." - Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

"A big-hearted, back-in-the-day tribute — and a stand-alone argument for public-school music programs — Mark Landsman’s bittersweet documentary has designs on your feet, heart and mind." - Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times


At SXSW 2010 my colleague Zack Carlson and I were absolutely floored by a documentary called THUNDER SOUL. Our friends may remember us stammering and making wild gestures of enthusiasm, trying to convince as many people as possible to see it. It has more real drama and interest that a hundred big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Now it's here and we're enthusiastically giving it our stamp of approval. Go see it! - Lars Nilsen, Programmer, Alamo Drafthouse


This documentary about an inner-city high school jazz and soul band program has more real heart and drama than Hollywood’s entire output of the last ten years. During the ‘70s in a neighborhood nearly without hope, where jail was a much more common destination than college, a charismatic band leader named Conrad “Prof” Johnson transformed the school’s mediocre jazz band into a legendary funk powerhouse. 35 years later, the now middle-aged students gather together to pay tribute to the 92-year old Prof. Some haven’t played their horns in decades, but they dust off their instruments to say thank you to the man who believed in them when no one else did. A hugely powerful and uplifting film about the power of music and love. Gigantically recommended.


On Friday night, September 30, check out the Kashmere Reunion Stage Band LIVE at Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis. Don't miss the THUNDER SOUL band in person!


Read more about the band and the film at the official THUNDER SOUL page.


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