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Producers Add Their Wildcard Picks to ABCS of Death Competition

Finalists announced in THE ABCs OF DEATH 26th Filmmaker Competition along with 3 "producer picks."

Producers Add Their Wildcard Picks to ABCS of Death Competition

Ant Timpson, Magnet Pictures and Drafthouse Films, the producers of the THE ABCs OF DEATH, have announced the top ten shorts in the 26th Filmmaker Competition as determined by audience voting along with three wildcard "producers picks."  

Filmmakers all over the world created short films that involved a tale about death based on a word beginning with ‘T’. The feature film will eventually be made up of 26 chapters with each letter of the alphabet representing the work of a different director and a way to die.

Over 170 shorts were submitted to the competition and 45,000 votes were then cast by the public before a top ten that included Tantrum, Turbo, Toilet, Tamales, Time (x2), Tomato, Trick, Table and Tranny.  The twenty-five other established directors will then vote on the  thirteen finalists and choose an eventual winner whose short will be the ‘T’ segment in the THE ABCs OF DEATH motion picture.

Ant Timpson co-producer of THE ABCs OF DEATH said, "the winner of this competition will suddenly get a major profile boost which hopefully will further their career. We were astounded at the depth of quality in the submissions; the directors will have a tough job narrowing the field down to just one short."

T is for TURBO : Road Warrior meets BMX Bandits with this chunk of high octane visually appealing splatterfest.

T is for TOILET : Funny claymation effort hits all the right notes and captures a note perfect moment of childhood fear

T is for TANTRUM : A very well acted tale of child murder that plays out in an unexpected way.

T is for TIME : Very elegant non-dialogue driven tale of death and fate, with a great score to boot.

T is for TAMALES : Dead straight horror tells a slightly familiar tale with exotic and sour twist.

T is for TOMATO : A guy has an interesting encounter with a tomato.

T is for TABLE : Very much in the style of an EC Comic tale, this is highly entertaining and crisp filmmaking about an old table with a few nasty add-ons.

T is for TRANNY : A explicit revenge scenario that would make John Waters proud.

T is for TIME : An ambitious tale about loss that is heartfelt with stunning underwater cinematography.

T is for TRICK : The ultimate birthday party surprise goes awry in this upbeat and devilishly goofy tale with a twist.

The Three Wildcard producers picks are:

T is for TERMITE by Steve Daniels, a strongly directed piece that seems like the prologue to a great feature about a backwoods exterminator with a boombox.

T is for TALK by Peter Haynes. Trapped against a wall, five people are manipulated into a bloody game of ‘simon says’ by an unseen and mysterious executioner.

T is for TRUCK by Blackmagic Rollercoaster. A brilliant spin on The Monkeys Paw, this is like some pitch-black timeless tale that should be played in every household on Xmas eve.

The final winner will be announced at 8:00am CST on November 15th at


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