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President Obama: Historic President or the Most Historic President?

We're really excited to show the new documentary 11/4/08 as part of a nationwide event on Wednesday, October 20. This doc from New York-based artist Jeff Deutchman compiles the experiences of dozens of independent filmmakers from around the world as they live through the day Barack Obama was elected to the highest office of the United States.

Before it even happened, we were told that this would be a day that would forever change history. When it passed, we experience both joy and worry, as reality sunk in and our dreams were finally going to be tested. Deutchman made the film to capture this bittersweet moment. Michael King of SXSW (who hosted the World Premiere this past year) writes: "A year and a half later, the worldwide hope generated by the election of President Barack Obama has long since painfully collided into the discouraging pragmatism of governance. It's difficult to recall the international euphoria sparked by the possibility of momentous change, and this 'participatory documentary'...attempts to fill the gap, recalling Depression-era efforts at full-day documentation. 'I was curious to see what history looked like,' said Deutchman."

This awesome trailer shows the magic that Deutchman was able to piece together:

11/4/08 trailer from Jeff Deutchman on Vimeo.

And what's really special about this screening is that Deutchman is taking his forward thinking, techno-saavy approach into the theatre. The director will be doing a live Q&A via webcam in multiple cities at once, including right here at the Alamo. We'll be able to text or twitter our questions to him along with our new friends in Dallas, Telluride, Three Rivers MI, and Wilmington DE, and he'll respond to everyone.

So, please make a point to come and see this collaborative documentary about the day when the world changed. It might just change your life.

Wednesday, October 20 @South Lamar

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