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Practically a Theater - A South Lamar Update

All you need is a projector and a few folding chairs, and you’ve got yourself a movie theater for the impatient.

Practically a Theater - A South Lamar Update

The theaters were the real highlights for me on my most recent visit to the new Alamo South Lamar building. But having been a former Alamo projectionist, I’m a little biased. There is plenty of progress elsewhere around the space.

On the outside the most notable non-Alamo related progress are the apartments being built above the Highball. A lot of framing has been done here. This kind of progress is important because it is independent of construction inside the Alamo (different contractors) and it can impact when South Lamar will be able to open.

Once inside the lobby, sheetrock is king. Here we can see the progress so far, and while I was there workers were in the process of hanging sheet rock on the largest lobby wall. This wall will eventually have a mural on it.

Concrete has been poured over the lobby/Highball in ground plumbing.

Pretty much the only thing going on with the karaoke rooms is the installation of cables and AC units. Otherwise things look the same up here.

Sheetrock is going up in the theater hallway.

This is a look inside the first theater on the left. This is the new theater one. The theaters will be numbered as you encounter them walking down the hallway towards the original South Lamar. One of the workers I talked to said that they were almost done hanging sheetrock in all of the theaters.

Theater two is a little further along. The wood attached to the sheetrock gives us a basic outline of the theater. The five squares in the middle of the wall are mountings for the reel lights and surround sound speakers. The wooden boards above and below that are where the wall drapes will be tacked down.

Here is theater three, as seen from the entrance.

A reverse shot taken inside the theater.

Here is the projection booth upstairs. Port holes for both theaters one and two have been knocked out of the cinderblock wall.

These are the projector port holes for theater one. There are three in this theater because one of the original plans I heard was to make one of the new, smaller theaters capable of 35mm changeover. However, I’ve been hearing conflicting reports about whether or not 35mm changeover is still going to happen here (it is still in the original theater 1). In addition to this, I heard that projectionists are trying to convince programmers to move 16mm screenings from the Ritz to Lamar. Ostensibly this is the theater that would host it, what with its abundance of ports. But again, this is all just talk right now.

This is the port hole for the digital projector that will go into theater two.

A view of theater two from its port hole.

And lastly, a look at the progress of the buildings in front of the Alamo. Everyone is working hard, but this is a really massive project that won’t be done for some time yet. What really matters from the Alamo’s standpoint, however, is that building three is in a condition to allow for the theater and Highball to open to the public. As of now, there is no projected opening date.

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