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POSTER ALERT! Escape from New York and Carrie!

We have a couple of COMPLETELY amazing posters just released today!

First up, we have a first EVER silkscreen poster by Scanner Darkly lead animator, Nick Derington's take on the John Carpenter classic, Escape from New York. Measuring 24x36 inches, this print is 5 colors with a split fountain, and printed on specialty creme paper. Printed by D and L screenprinters, this poster is signed and numbered by the artist.


And from the incredible design firm knows as Methane Studios, comes this Killer CARRIE poster for the upcoming AFS De Palma retrospective.

This poster measures 25x36, is 2 color w/ a clear varnish overlay on off-white specialty paper. Individually numbered.


Both posters are limited edition and available RIGHT NOW on the posters section on

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