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Seriously...we're trying to cut back on all the posters we bring you, but damn if we don't keep programming totally hit flix that need, NAY, DEMAND the Alamo treatment on the posters.

First up, Bobby Dixon, not seen since the WARRIORS poster he did back in '06, brings us this Street Fight poster!  This poster is 24x36, 5 color, signed and numbered by the artist, and STRICLY LIMITED to 40 copies to the public.  Any copies unsold will be available at the Bakshi event this Sunday-Monday at the Ritz, but I'm not guarantee-ing there will be any to be had!  If you want one for the event, go ahead and ORDER HERE, and select in-store pick up, and they'll be there waiting for you at the Mondo Lamar location on Saturday!


And if you've never seen The Phantom of the Paradise, then you have ONE chance to correct this grevious life mistake you've made.  AFS is screening this De Palma rock-music classic this Feb.  This poster is drawn by Tim Doyle (that lame-o again?) and is printed 18x36, 4 color with silver inks, signed by the artist, and printed by D and L.  Get 'em HERE.

And finally, our very first HEY HOMO! event poster!  Hedwig and the Angry Inch is the BEST new musical to come out of Hollywood in...uh...ever?  (Suck it Moulin Rogue!) Artist Jesse Philips does what he does best and draws us a FREAKING HUGE ROBOT!  The Hedwig2000 emerges triumphant from the phallo-centric East Germany and into the slightly less threatening ...uh...vaginal-silo democracy of West Germany?  It's got a beat I can dance to.  Get it HERE and check out the glow-in-the-dark VARIANT!

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