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A Pint of Lager, Please - A South Lamar Update

The dance floor is down, beer taps are installed, and there’s even a place for you to sit.  

A Pint of Lager, Please - A South Lamar Update

It has always been busy inside the new South Lamar complex. But on my last visit, there did seem to be a real atmosphere of “getting it done.” To be sure, there is a lot yet to accomplish before the doors open, but nearly everything inside really does look to be approaching the final stages of completion.

The driveway entrance from Treadwell is complete. Here is the view from the street.

This is from the corner where the Treadwell and South Lamar driveways meet.

The plaza at the entrance may be the roughest looking part of the new South Lamar, but it is definitely moving along.

A view from the other end of the Alamo, looking down towards Treadwell.

The ticket booth has a sign.

The plywood that used to cover the length of the entrance to the Alamo is being removed. Plus, a few more artifacts for the lobby have found their way inside.

The taps for the lobby bar have been installed.

Inside the Highball, installation of the dance floor has been completed and prepped for finishing.

A closer look at the bowling lane floor.

Installation of the bar top has begun.

The Highball beer taps have also been installed, as well as some accent lighting behind the bar.

Here is a view of the Highball from the sound booth. Note the red leather installed above the bar.

Benches in the patio area are being built.

A close up of the detail on the benches.

Here are the doors for the karaoke rooms. Progress upstairs continues at a fairly quick pace, and when I was there last Friday, the installation of the sound equipment had begun. Also in this shot, a blurry Zack Carlson.

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