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Pineapple Express sneak preview photos

I don't know about you folks who made it into the screening, but I for one enjoyed the hell out of Pineapple Express. My hopes were high going in - a Freaks-and-Geeks style reunion of Seth Rogan and James Franco, a big free-form role for my new favorite film comedian Danny McBride (don't miss the upcoming FOOT FIST WAY, his breakout role, at the Alamo in June), and direction by indie-film-darling David Gordon Green. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS delivers the goods, big time, but it's not your typical Judd Apatow film. The violence and action are actually a bit unexpectedly intense and there is a weird-o deviant vibe running through the whole film that I loved. Also, during the Q&A it was revealed that a lot of the crazy out-there dialogue, in particular most of what was spewing out of Danny McBride's mouth, was unscripted and partially improv'ed.

Pineapple Express is fresh and creative, and laugh-out-loud funny. I've attached the event photos from Marie Catrett, including shots from the post-movie Pineapple Bong building contest and the amazing shot of Seth Rogan above. He should really print that out for his official headshot.

Pineapple Express opens at the Alamo South Lamar on August 8

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