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PIECES: A tribute screening to late horror legend JP Simon!

Horror Legend JP Simon may be resting, but his classic PIECES lives on.

PIECES: A tribute screening to late horror legend JP Simon!

Gut-ripping horror classic PIECES in 35mm!
Special memorial screening!
Jan 27 - 10 PM - $5 - Alamo Lake Creek

There are very few exploitation/horror giants roaming the earth these days. Roger Corman still holds the heavyweight champion title, but there's an infinite universe of other legends who have shaped the world of no-brow cinema as we know it. One of the supernovas of the field was fearless filmmaker Juan Piquer Simon, who -- in the '70s and '80s -- peeled off big-screen shockers like it weren't no damn thing. From the occult stench of SATAN'S BLOOD to the gastropodinous savagery of SLUGS to the aqautic terrors of ENDLESS DESCENT, Simon truly lived by no rules. But above all, his undisputed masterpiece was revered '80s slasher PIECES, which will be screening on Jan 27 at Alamo Lake Creek!

About the movie: Nudity and sex are already disgusting enough without getting a chainsaw involved. Yet that doesn’t stop the mysterious maniac at the local college campus from wielding his power tools in an effort to create the perfect patchwork ragdoll from all of the most pleasing available female parts. Released at the decline of TEXAS CHAINSAW-mania, this all-meat scumbuster managed to gain plenty of notoriety of its own. This was largely due to what one critic described as its “relentless dedication to violent, unapologetic misogyny.” But if that fuming journalist could only have looked past that one aspect of the film, she’d have found a bold new world of graphic gut-spewing, absurd plot de-evolutions, authentically demented performances (including the married exploitation screen team of Christopher & Lynda Day George) and some shockingly unforgivable “ching-chong” racism. Oh well. Her loss.


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