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Pics from cast & crew LIVE for STREETS OF FIRE and ROAD TO HELL!

In the midst of all the Fantastic Fest '08 insanity, a very rare and exciting event quietly slipped in and packed the Alamo Ritz with adoring fans. We were lucky enough to present a cast screening of the mighty Walter Hill rock n' roll action epic STREETS OF FIRE with stars Michael Pare and Deborah Van Valkenburgh LIVE! As if that wasn't enough, they also took the stage along with director Albert Pyun and the other creators of the semi-official SOF sequel ROAD TO HELL, which had its world premiere theatrical screening!

To top it all off, this epic event was presided over by legendary Alamo programmer/Music Monday creator (and STREETS OF FIRE fan # 1) Kier-la Janisse, who's since moved away from our nation, but was definitely back in fine form to bring the stars of her favorite movie to the stage.

It was an incredible and unexpectedly heart-warming event, and those of you who weren't there can still feel the magic via THIS SET OF PICTURES from Austin photomaster David Hill!

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