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Photos from the Will Ferrell Semi Pro event

Nothing makes me happier than a room/theater/field full of Alamo patrons dressed in silly outfits. With that in mind, Saturday was a mighty fine day. Will Ferrell came to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and was a great sport as we slogged through a bunch of team photos at the end of the Q&A to commemorate the evening.

I have now received the full roster of team and candid photos from our shutterbug pal David Hill ( You can download hi-resolution versions of the files at his Flickr site. If you would like professionally printed copies of these photos, you can contact David through his website.

In addition to the Semi-Pro sneak preview photos, we have photos from a bunch of the past Alamo Drafthouse/Fantastic Fest/Ain't It Cool events on our Flickr site and are adding more all the time.

Semi-Pro opens at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Friday, February 29 (although there are rumors of a February 28 midnight show...). I was one of the yellow-headbanded masses last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's a Will Ferrell comedy classic on par with Anchorman. Now that we've seen it, we'll be throwing out a few extra special Alamo surprises come opening weekend. We hope to see you there!

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