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Percy Jackson MANIA grips South Lamar

percy-jacksonEverybody's running around in the lobby at Lamar right now, polishing ancient Greek warrior helmets, rolling a huge chariot in, putting up big posters of the Olympic gods and generally making the place look like something out of the anticipated new book adaptation, PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS - THE LIGHTNING THIEF. Our friends at Book People have really picked up the baton, they came to us with a fire and enthusiasm about Percy and before we knew it, all the fans on our staff had mobilized to make tonight's midnight screenings amazing. You're going to want to bring a camera - and an appetite for blue food, because we've got it!

Just look at all the great things we have for tonight's screening:

We've got the aforementioned battle hardened chariot in the lobby - for those who can't make it to tonight's screenings, don't worry, we'll have it here all weekend. We also have shields and images from the books.

The Oracle of Delphi will be here, making dire predictions and sending young demi gods off on perilous quests

We'll have kids from the awesome Camp Half Blood running around in Greek armor with genuine faux weapons, demonstrating the phalanx formation and letting rip with Greek fighting chants.

Also, the kitchen will be offering 2 special treats for the duration of Percymania weekend:

The Tidal Wave... A deliciously blue, blueberry blue milk shake topped with whipped cream and blue sprinkles. Did we mention that it's blue? $5.00/$2.99 kids

Blue Ambrosia... Three freshly baked and still warm blue, sprinkled sugar cookies with a scoop of blueberry ice cream. Yum! 5.99

Our friends at Book People will be here too, with some killer books and T-shirts you'll have to have.

Be here!

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