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Parents- less dating, more voting.

ppa_nominee_lgAlright, look, someone out there nominated us, now we're in it to win.

Go here and vote for Alamo as "Best Place for a Parent Date Night" in Austin.  Please.  You don't even have to be a parent!  Hell, you don't even have to live in Austin or be old enough to vote.  Go to Schlotsky's and work your way down each computer, vote vote vote, then go to the library, then your home computer.  I'm not saying engage in voting fraud, but I AM saying that.

While you're at it, please vote us as "Best Swim Class" and "Best College Prep".  Alamo Drafthouse is to the 200m Butterfly Event as Higher Education is to ___________.   See?

If we win this thing, we're flying in Dora the Explorer and you will all get to tickle her.  Five minutes each.



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