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Black Paint and Curtains - A South Lamar Update

The most noticeable addition to Alamo South Lamar this week are the wall curtains in the theaters. 

Black Paint and Curtains - A South Lamar Update

There is no denying that a lot has gone on at the Alamo South Lamar location over the past two weeks. Unfortunately the majority of that work does not translate well to photographs. But besides what I have to show you here, a lot of progress has been made running cables, preparing walls for painting, floors for surfacing, and ceilings for tiling. But let’s take a short walk through and take a look at the progress we can see.

Coming through the doors to the lobby, the area for the box office has taken on a definite shape.

Turn to your left and you can see the rest of the lobby.

Here is a view of the Highball from the service entrance in the back by the restrooms. It was dark in this room as they were doing some electrical work at the time. You might also notice some wires hanging from the ceiling. This is the beginning of work on the ceiling tile framing.

The image at the top of this post is taken of theater 1 from the booth through the port window. This shot is taken inside theater two.

This is theater three.

Here is a view of the lobby from the hallway to the theaters. It is safe to say that, except for the ceilings in the lobby and the Highball, the majority of the major construction work inside South Lamar is done. It should not be too long before interior design work begins.

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