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Oskar Blues Beer Dinner: The Jerk

He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans ... unless they're filled with Oskar Blues beer, and served at our special dinner on April 9th!

Oskar Blues Beer Dinner: The Jerk

There was a strange time, not so long ago, when Steve Martin wasn’t a successful movie star.  When he made his big screen debut with THE JERK in 1979, The New York Times’ review made a point of reminding readers that Martin was the “arrow-in-the-head guy” from Saturday Night Live.  Times change, though, and now THE JERK is considered a classic, and the high point of Martin’s so-dumb-it's-smart comedy.

Navin R. Johnson (Martin) was born a poor, black child.  Inspired to hit the road by the way “Crazy Rhythm” moves his once untalented feet, the innocent and idiotic Navin just never really catches on.   He has run-ins with snipers, discovers his “special purpose” with a terrifying biker, falls in love with Marie (Bernadette Peters), becomes a multimillionaire, loses it all, and becomes a “jerk” reduced to living on the streets with nothing but a thermos.  Directed by the great Carl Reiner,  THE JERK is the perfect blend of brilliant, weird and immature humor, and certainly set a tone and standard that comedies are still mimicking today.

THE JERK is the centerpiece of our OSKAR BLUES BEER DINNER on April 9 at 7:00pm, and we couldn’t be more hungry (and thirsty!) to bring this event to Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, especially since Oskar Blues is proud to call Colorado home.  Beer aficinados know that Oskar Blues was the first craft beer to can their own brew, which makes it the perfect brand to pair with a film featuring perhaps the most famous line about hating cans ever.

While the combinations of dinners, beers, and movies are our daily specialty, the Drafthouse likes to up the ante with our signature Food and Film events, which is when we get to really bring it all together in a very special, fun, and memorable way.  For THE JERK Beer Dinner, we’ll be offering a unique, five-course menu that’s themed around the film, and each course will be paired with its own Oskar Blues brew.   We could keep explaining the creative theories and planning behind our dinner, but let’s just have the menu speak for itself. Once you hit the Pizza in a Cup, you’ll understand the method to our creative madness:


Tuna poke on toasted Hawaiian bread

Paired with Chaka Belgian Pale Ale


Escargot in ale-garlic brown butter, grilled sourdough

Paired with Mama’s Little Yella Pils


A cup made of parmesan pizza crust filled
with Bolognese and topped with fresh mozzarella
and asiago cheese and crisp pepperoni.
Paired with The Deuce American Brown Ale

Rabbit braised in fresh wine with carrot gravy on chicken fried eggplant.
Paired with Dale's Pale Ale

Fried Twinkee with roast blueberries
and chile infused chocolate sauce.
Paired with G'Knight Imperial Red

Oskar Blues brewery founder Dale Katechis – the Dale of Dale’s Pale Ale – will also be in attendance to laugh, eat, and drink with us. And for one dollar, he’ll guess your weight, your height, or your sex. 

All five courses, and their accompanying beer, will be delivered stealthily to your table by our team of ninja servers, who will also be on hand for anything extra in the way of food, drink, or napkins that you might require.  Simply write down what you need on the paper provided, fold it up, and pop it into the metal rail, and they will duck in to assist you. 

If you just can’t wait to start sipping on some Mama’s Little Yeller Pils – or you just need a Coke after a hard day of cat juggling – you can order a drink right at our box office, and carry it inside the theater with you.

If all that Oskar Blues hasn’t managed to quench your thirst, or you simply want to remember the days when you sang and danced with your family on the porch of the old house, you can visit our lobby tavern, Glass Half Full. You never need a movie ticket to visit Glass Half Full, and our entire Drafthouse menu of food and drink is available inside.  It doesn’t have a bathtub shaped like a clam, or a plaster lion from Mexico, but it does have our beloved queso, which we think is much more enjoyable.

Tickets for the Oskar Blues Beer Dinner: THE JERK are on sale now.  This is an event with very limited seating, so make sure you reserve yours today.  Please note that due to the alcoholic beverages on hand, this is 21 and over event. 


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