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Oscar® Nominated THE ACT OF KILLING Will Return To Theaters

In celebration of today's nomination for Best Documentary Feature, the year's most acclaimed doc will make its way back to the big screen. 

Oscar® Nominated THE ACT OF KILLING Will Return To Theaters

The Act Of Killing is a landmark film and we are deeply honored to have the Academy recognize this truly one-of-a-kind achievement in the documentary form. We are also gratified to be associated with a film that has already sparked important change in Indonesia.

In celebration of today’s Oscar® nomination for Best Documentary Feature, we are bringing the film back to the big screen in multiple markets beginning February 7th. Theatrical dates and cities will be posted on the film’s website The Act Of Killing is also available to watch now on all major Video OnDemand and digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix and available for purchase in a deluxe 2-disc DVD/Blu-ray edition.

Director Joshua Oppenheimer has released the below reaction to the nomination.

Joshua Oppenheimer: We are deeply honored and grateful. In a few months, Indonesians will go to the polls to choose their next president, and with leading candidates personally responsible for crimes against humanity, there is a real risk that the country will backslide toward military dictatorship. May this nomination encourage the Indonesian government finally to acknowledge the 1965 genocide -- and the present-day regime of fear built upon it -- as a moral catastrophe. May it encourage ordinary Indonesians to demand that their leaders be held accountable for their crimes - whether genocide, corruption, or the use of thugs to do their dirty work. And may it inspire all Indonesians to work together for truth, justice, and reconciliation.

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