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Orphaned on Thanksgiving?

rockwell-thanksgivingAlone in Austin on Thanksgiving?  Or not alone, but unwilling to slave over a stove for a whole day while your loved ones show you no assistance or gratitude, just watch football or play Wii?  Or, you're with your entire extended family, 4 generations worth on both sides of the aisle and you simply don't have enough chairs, dishes or ovens?  Or hell, you'd just rather be watching FANTASTIC MR. FOX- we've got a Holiday solution for you!

It's Thanksgiving at the Alamo! We’ve got all the traditional fixin’s prepared by our chefs to perfection so you can have a real Thanksgiving Feast without all the work, boredom and relentless judgment!  At every show on Thanksgiving Day in the 4p and 7p round, you can pre-order your very own Thanksgiving Feast.

Plus, at the Ritz, we’re showing the UT vs A&M Game, so you can really do Turkey Day the way it was meant to- in a warm room full of friends, being served, eatin’ well, drinking beer and watching football on an enormous screen. It’s enough to make a Pilgrim cry tears of joy.

Order the optional "Thanksgiving Feast" ticket and you'll  not only get admission to the show, but also a heaping plate of all these classic hits!  Featuring:

Turkey and gravy!
Cranberry sauce!
Green bean casserole!
Sweet potatoes (yes, the kind with the marshmallows on top!)
Yeast roll!
Then finish it all off with a nice big slice of pumpkin pie!


Stuck in town alone this Thanksgiving- we’ll adopt you! We’ve got big open arms and a hot meal waiting.

Now give us hug and let’s have a look at you!

Check out all the options and get your ticket now at the Thanksgiving at the Alamo Signature Page.


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