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Orphaned on Thanksgiving?

What's better than spending Thanksgiving Day cooped up with the Family, stuffing your face just to keep from having to carry on a bitter conversation spiked with decades of repressed resentment after you just spent 9 hours in a car with no heater driving to Houston- Houston!- of all the miserable son of a bi... alright Mom, alright, I heard you the first time, Mom, don't, Mom, I can't believe you just, I can't, I'm not wasting my... Dad stay of out of this...

Lots of things are better! But the best way to spend the holiday this year is with us at the Alamo! We've got all the traditional fixin's prepared by our chefs to perfection so you have a real Thanksgiving Feast without all the work, boredom and relentless judgment!

Thanksgiving at the Alamo!

Every movie playing at the Ritz and Village on Thanksgiving Day will offer you an optional Thanksgiving Dinner that includes:

Turkey and gravy
Cranberry sauce
Green bean casserole
Sweet potatoes (yes, the kind with the marshmallows on top!)
Yeast roll
Then finish it all off with a nice big slice of pumpkin pie!


And you can take home the leftovers! A true Thanksgiving tradition.

Plus, at the Ritz, we're showing the UT vs A&M Game, so you can really do Turkey Day the way it was meant to- in a warm room full of friends, being served, eatin' well, drinking beer and watching football on an enormous screen. It's enough to make a Pilgrim cry tears of joy.

And if it's just the big game you're after, head down Alamo South Lamar where we're setting up the giant Roadshow screen outdoors, puttin' on the game, drinking some beer and hot coco, and gorging ourselves on a special menu prepared by Alamo Chef John Bullington!

Stuck in town alone this Thanksgiving- we'll adopt you! Got eight generations in town from all over the world- bring 'em. We've got big open arms and a hot meal waiting.

Now give us hug and let's have a look at you!

Check out all the options and get your ticket now at the Thanksgiving at the Alamo Signature Page.

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