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Original SLACKER With a New Twist

For the next two Wednesdays we're showing the 1991 SLACKER and premiering new scenes from the remake. With filmmakers and cast in attendance!

Original SLACKER With a New Twist

In case you’re not aware, we’ve partnered with Austin Film Society to commission one of the most ambitious film projects a city has ever engaged in.  24 Austin-based filmmakers have joined together to remake the classic, iconic Austin film SLACKER as SLACKER 2011.

The resulting patchwork film is as strange as the city it represents.  This is truly one of the weirdest remakes ever made, as two-dozen of our greatest filmmakers have all put their own interpretations of Austin through their stylized eyes and come up with a magical, sweet and very funny portrait of our town.  You can check out the trailer to get a quick glimpse at this madness:

And perhaps the nicest thing about the whole thing is that the film is being used as a fundraiser for the Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, a grant-giving operation run by Austin Film Society that is planning to give $100,000 to Texas filmmakers this year.

In order to raise awareness of the remake, and to raise a little extra scratch for TFPF, we’re showing the original SLACKER twice in August.  This is going to be the Austin premiere of the Brand New 35mm Print that was struck for Sundance this year.  It is going to look gorgeous.

We’re also going to be premiering a new remade scene at each of the screenings:

August 10 – The “JFK Assassination Theory” scene, as directed by John Bryant (THE OVERBROOK) and starring Chris Trew and Jen Tracy Duplass.

August 17 – The “Been on the Moon Since the '50s” scene, as directed by Berndt Mader (FIVE TIME CHAMPION) and starring Chris Doubek and Maggie Lea.

At each of these screenings, the directors will be in attendance, as well as actors from the new and original versions of the scenes!!!

This is going to be your first chance to see scenes from the remake.  If you’re sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see what these crazy filmmakers are up to (us included, we produced a segment!), now’s your chance. 

The premiere of the film in its entirety will be on August 31st.  Ticketing details are available at the AFS website.

Do not miss these rare 35mm screenings of the Austin classic SLACKER.  The movie itself is a masterpiece of indie cinema and should be seen by everyone who has ever lived in/visited Austin.  The bonus scenes are just icing on a strange cake.

SLACKER  - August 10th and 17th, 7pm at the Ritz

A portion of the profits go to TFPF and the Austin Film Society.

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