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Original Alamo named by Forbes on short list of great theaters

Forbes Traveller released an article today on the great theaters of America. One of only four theaters profiled as the great theaters of America was the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema location. Cheers to you guys for being a part of our "close-knit community" that I think is the most personally fulfilling part of what we do.

"The famed Original Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, is at the forefront of this trend. Though founders Tim and Karrie League sold their company and brand to businessman John Martin in 2004, they kept control of their original theater. The Leagues keep their customers happy—and loyal—with unique seating arrangements that include long tables spaced between the rows (for easier drinking and dining during the films) and signature events such as the nine-meal "Lord of the Rings" trilogy Hobbit feast, Moroccan "Casablanca" feast and Saturday Morning Cartoon Cereal Party for children. Not surprisingly, a close-knit community has grown up around the Drafthouse."

I also like how they also end the article. It's a sentiment I share (clearly, since we just invested in the new Ritz locations): "The epitaph for movie theaters is always being written,” says Melnick, “but as long as Americans still want to get out of their house and be entertained at a reasonable price, they will still go to the movies."

Next time you want to get out of the house, we'll see you at the Alamo!

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