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We've got three big releases for you this weekend - come check them out at the Alamo!


Come join us for a big weekend at the Alamo! This week we've got THE RAVEN, FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT and DAMSELS IN DISTRESS opening for your viewing pleasure. Laugh, cry, shriek with terror, drink some beer, eat some green chile cheese fries and enjoy the show!

THE RAVEN opens at Slaughter Lane on Friday, April 27. Get tickets here!

From James McTeigue, the director of the phenomenal V FOR VENDETTA, comes a movie about the master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe. THE RAVEN stars the great John Cusack as the infamous and brilliant writer. When a lunatic begins acting out the crimes described in Poe's darkest works, Poe teams up with a Baltimore detective (Luke Evans, CLASH OF THE TITANS) to solve the mystery and nab the madman.

Also starring Brendan Gleeson (BRAVEHEART) and the beautiful Alice Eve (SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) as the love of Poe's life and the killer's target, THE RAVEN is a dark, stylish thriller and a love letter to the gothic atmosphere that permeates each of Poe's works.

"McTeigue's vision of Baltimore is vibrant and alluring, all gothic architecture and swirling fog, while Cusack is eminently watchable as the boozy, perpetually broke Poe..."--Terry Staunton, RADIO TIMES

"Stephen King's Misery and Updike's Bech Noir spring to mind, and it's a nice touch to give Baltimore a serial killer over a century before Dr Hannibal Lecter was employed by the Johns Hopkins Medical Centre in that city."--Peter Bradshaw, GUARDIAN UK

"Enjoyable period thriller that plays like a Gothic version of Seven and succeeds thanks to a literate script, atmospheric direction, some suitably grisly murder sequences and a superb performance from John Cusack."--Matthew Turner, VIEW LONDON

Watch the trailer below!

THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT opens at South Lamar on Thursday, April 26. Get tickets here

The star, writer and director of the phenomenal comedy FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL are reunited for another surefire success! Nicholas Stoller directs Jason Segel and Emily Blunt for Segel's own screenplay of THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt) are happily engaged, but life, family and work keep delaying their walk down the aisle. And delaying it...and delaying it...

Also starring Alison Brie (COMMUNITY, MAD MEN), Rhys Ifans (PIRATE RADIO, NOTTING HILL) and Chris Pratt (PARKS AND RECREATION), THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT opens at the point where most rom-coms conclude. It's an unconventional and irreverent look at the ways life can interfere with love. 

"This is the smartest, most likable such film I've seen in years."--Glenn Kenny, MSN MOVIES

"The Five-Year Engagement originates with a pre-mythologized meet-cute and ends with Hollywood whimsy but insists on making the hurdles between as little like rom-com contrivance as the filmmakers can get away with."--John DeFore, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"The film proves that neither gross-out gags nor pseudo-sophisticated Woody Allenisms are necessary to make a smart, funny comedy."--Andrew Schenker, SLANT MAGAZINE

Fun and games before the show with prizes from Unbridaled Bridal Boutique opening weekend!

Watch the trailer below!

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS opens at South Lamar on Friday, April 27. Get tickets here

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS is about a group of beautiful young women and their attempts to change the status quo at their male-dominated college campus. Starring the hilarious Greta Gerwig (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL), who is really and rightfully taking off this year, along with Aubrey Plaza (SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, PARKS AND RECREATION), Analeigh Tipton (CRAZY STUPID LOVE) and the great Adam Brody (JENNIFER'S BODY), DAMSELS IN DISTRESS is from the singular writer/director Whit Stillman, previously of METROPOLITAN, THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO and BARCELONA.

"It's good to see such a filmmaker with such a genuinely unique sensibility making movies again."--Miles Fielder, THE LIST

"Innocence deserted teen movies ages ago, but it makes a comeback, revived and romanticized, in this joyous anachronism."--Richard Corliss, TIME

"The acting and the music are delightful, the jokes arrive on schedule, and everything sort of glows."--John Anderson, NEWSDAY

Watch the trailer below!

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