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Opening Party! And A Few Fantastic Fest Reminders For Ya

Free beer and mini-golf! And a few quick reminders for the Fantastic Festivities. 

Opening Party! And A Few Fantastic Fest Reminders For Ya

We're having an opening party tonight for all Fantastic Fest badgeholders at Peter Pan Mini-Golf! Free beer and put-put from 10pm to 2am for everyone with a badge. Stop by, greet your fellow FFesters, and kick off a weeklong regimen of drinking beer and staying up too late!

But first! A couple of quick reminders:

Ticketing is still new to many of you, so just a few tips. There is no confirmation page - once you book your tickets and click "click here," it will take you back to the Fantastic Fest homepage and that means you are set! Once you pick up your boarding passes at the box office, you can confirm, but trust the system! It is trust-worthy! Don't click any buttons twice, cool? 

If once you go online to book tickets, it looks like there are no open screenings in any given timeslot, don't panic! It's probably because someone did not take my above advice and did click a button twice. Just go to the box office that morning and we'll get you into a screening. 

Finally - Disney is allowing NO electronics in the screening of FRANKENWEENIE tomorrow, so please leave your phones, iPads, Kindles and other gadgets in the car or at home. If you forget, we'll have a system for you and you'll get it back, but it's easier to just leave 'em at home.

Have fun! Let chaos reign! Tip your waitstaff! And be fantastic! 



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