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Open Screen Night - Drunker Than Ever!

with Actual Free Beer!
Weds, 1/10, 7pm, Alamo Downtown
Advance Tickets Available Here

A couple of years ago a filmmaking collective brought a show called "Free Beer" to Open Screen Night. The idea was that free beer was a good thing, so people would associate good things with their show, I guess. The thing was, they didn't provide any beer for the OSN attendees, so we just got mad!

But now there will be actual free beer for people at the next Open Screen Night, so it's all good. Here's the deal: you bring in a movie - any movie at all - and I'll buy you a beer. That's a one beer offer no matter how many movies you bring in, but still, share whatever crap you want and you get beer.

If you aren't bringing anything, don't worry; we'll still have the gong so if people bring horrible crap we won't have to watch the whole thing. Hopefully, though, people will let their guard down and bring in actual awesome things that they otherwise wouldn't have thought to share with a theater full of strangers.

The winner still gets $100, so you should still bring something entertaining. Get cracking on that, and I'll see you tonight.

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